A Digital OS for Industrial Manufacturing
We've built a hardware/software solution to help you get data right off your factory floor

Factory floors are living, breathing organisms, where seconds can relate to hundreds of thousands of dollars. We help manufacturers make sense of their factory floor by tracking overall equipment efficiency, providing analytics on root causes for unscheduled downtimes, and helping predict unscheduled downtime. We're here to help augment the role of the factory floor manager or operations engineer with powerful data and metrics to take to every morning all hands meeting.

What we are best at

Our Services

Calculate machine uptime and downtime metrics
Cycle Time
Get real data surrounding how long it takes you to run production units
Production Count
Automate data collection to collect metrics surrounding production thoroughput
Operator Performance
Automate data collection for operator efficiency on a micro and macro scale with ease.
Energy Consumption
Analyze current data to derive power consumption across the entirety of your factory floor's machines
Machine Health
Over time, benchmark and analyze your machine's health to implement condition monitoring and predictive maintenance
Our approach

Open source hardware for non-invasive data collection
Proprietary ML to help derive key metrics that matter

We use current and vibration sensors based on an open sourced hardware platform to monitor your most critical assets for key metrics surrounding cycle time, quantity, unscheduled downtime, etc. We use sensors to collect and record data so that your operators can produce more - safer, and more efficiently.

We know manufacturers need to keep their machines running longer and producing more to stay competitive. So, we developed internet connected sensors that hook up right to your machine or it's power source, and just work. No SCADA, no PLC, no IT team.
Digitalize Your Factory Floor
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