Real Time Machine Analytics

Unprecedented visibility into your manufacturing operations, helping you keep your machines running when they should be.

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Digital OEE (Active)

Real time insights of manufacturing line efficiency with data collected from vibration and current sensors

Anomaly Detection*(Beta)

Analyzing and reporting anomalous behavior from your machines

Preventative Maintenance*(Beta)

Predicting machine failure before it happens to help implement preventative maintainance

Insights In Real Time

Manufacturers use Pareto's platform to help them gain real time insights into their factory floor performance


Cycle Time

Production Count

Energy Consumption

Machine Health

Operator Performance

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Capture Factory Floor Insights at Point of Error

Digitize factory floor operations by deploying tablets on your factory floor to easily capture downtime data

Faster Data Capture

Root Cause Analysis

Point of Error Data Transmission

Easy to use for Factory Floor Operators

Why Manufacturers Love Us

Empowering manufacturers to make cutting edge insights that drive operations and increase revenue

Drive Revenue

Digital insights into factory floor performance metricshelps manufacturers drive actions that transform their capabilities and increase thoroughput.

Make Intelligent Insights

Machine learning helps analyze data and pick up realizations. Use data to drive human capital allocation, better allocate machine resources, and understand your entire production line.

Digitize Your Production Chain

Lean on insights into machine utilization, turnaround time, and production throughput metrics to make smarter supply chain decisions.